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"It is always thought to be impossible until it is done"  

Nelson Mandela

You Have Already Been Coaching!

Learn How to Make a Profitable Living Doing What You Love

Do you have life experiences that constantly pick at your inner genius?

Do you just want to create a big world impact?

You know you have tremendous value to offer the world --

Would you like to package your brilliance and teach others how to use their life experiences to

make a profitable living also?

Do You feel stuck?  


Then this Life Success Coach Training & Certification Program  is for You!

This program is for people with rich life experiences, people who want to learn how to turn those stories of lack, pain and struggle into profitable success stories where you are living and manifesting your best life and dreams.

Hi, I am Victoria, Founder of The VIPIA.  Growing up, I always knew I was destined for greatness. I always knew my life’s purpose was to help others find and manifest their true purpose also and create lasting impact on those around them. I love to travel, meet new people and learn new ways of living and enjoying life. I enjoy advocacy and doing philanthropic deeds.

Hence, it is no surprise, I have enjoyed a successful career for over 12 years as an international health care advocate and practitioner. I have authored and co-authored several best-selling books. I have traveled to numerous countries and presented at various seminars and conferences in the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and several countries in Europe. I have helped numerous individuals to become empowered and manifest the life of success they desire.

I have helped Authors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, other Coaches and Ordinary people to realise their goals and I know I can take You to the next level also.

This Life Success Coach Training and Certification Program will give you a clear strategy and an action plan to:

1. Turn your life experiences into a successful and profitable coaching business.

2. Position yourself as the “Go to Expert” in your niche.

3. Create lasting positive impact and a legacy you can be proud of.

4. Implement the right strategies to receive a consistent flow of clients who pay you for what you love to do.

In this Course you will:

  • Identify and understand the unique role of a Life Success Coach
  • Understand reasons people hire a Life Success Coach
  • Review types of Coaching Models, Techniques and Styles that Life Success Coaches use
  • Identify qualities of an effective Life Success Coach
  • Learn the winning strategies to launch business and stand out as a Life Success Coach
  • Be able to implement the exact strategies you need to have high paying clients and earn consistent income

Course Bonuses:

Convenient & Flexible:

Pick the date and time that best meets your schedule. You are totally in control of the pace you learn at and when.

Practical & Impactful:

Instant access to high quality resources such as checklists, templates and bonus E-books. You will be able to download these templates for your emails, sales pages, lead magnets and to work directly with your clients.

Here at the VIPIA, we help take the stress out of starting or successfully expanding your Coaching practice with these easy to download and personalise documents:

Bonus # 1- Sales Funnel and Automation Resources (Valued over $199)

Effective Sales Funnel Checklist

Effective Email and Appointment Booking Checklist

Effective Landing Page Checklist

Effective Lead Magnet Checklist

Bonus # 2- The Coaching Confidence Combo Starter Kit (Valued over $99)

Welcome Email Template

Coaching Code of Ethics Template

Coaching Contract Template

How to Hold Clients Accountable Template

Client Business Goals Worksheet Template

Bonus # 3 - Free 7 Day Email Marketing Training, Templates and Ebook (Valued over $149)

Bonus # 4 - Champion Mindset Shift Resources to activate your Eagle Mode and Indomitable Mindset (Valued over $99)

You will be able to start Coaching clients

 Immediately and Confidently!

Affordable & Cost- Effective:

You can make a reasonable one-time payment .

This self -paced, self -study training will be available completely online. You will have access for however long you need to complete the training at your own pace and in your own time. You will also have the opportunity of a 15-30mins free consultation with me after you enrol in the course if you desire additional clarity or support.

You do not need to feel overwhelmed or have to “figure it out” all on your own.

Follow your dreams

Because they are possible...


About Your Instructor

Life Success Coach & Transformational CEO

Victoria Melhado-Daley

Health AdvocatePhilanthropistAuthorLife Coach & Transformational CEOVictoria has over a decade of experience in the health care field as a Jamaican Nurse, Civil Society Advocate and Youth Leader and has been recognized nationally, regionally and internationally.Victoria received the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Excellence in Service (2011), National Nurse of the Year (2012-2013), was inducted an I Believe Ambassador by the Governor General (2013) Caribbean Regional Nurse of the Year (2014) and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society (2015).Her expertise spans Social work, Community development and mobilization, Health Education, Counselling, Mentorship and Coaching.She is the Founder of a Charitable Youth Organization ‘Be Inspired International’ and has spear-headed several successful advocacy campaigns and social outreach initiatives.Victoria has been featured by numerous international organizations like the Kaiser Family Foundation, Huffington Post, Women Deliver, CIVICUS, The Lancet, Pulitzer Centre, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Say it Forward & Torchlight Collective organizations and several top media houses.


  • Excellent communicator

  • Enthusiastic Motivator

  • Adept at Problem solving

  • Genuine Listener who is empathetic

  • Visionary Leader

  • Transformational Strategist


Author, Life & Career Strategist @ The Gleaner Co.

Glenford Smith

Victoria is confidential, knowledgeable and insightful. She knows what she is about because she has lived it.

Health Specialist & Researcher @ The Planning Institute of Jamaica

Denese McFarlane

Victoria is a positivist who knows how to inspire others and take them to their optimum. Like an Eagle; you will soar!

Queen's Young Leader & COO Jesse's Gifts and Decor

Jerome Cowans

If you need a challenge, that will uplevel your business and practice; this is the course for you!


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Course Bonuses

  • Amazing Resources

    Numerous Free Templates, Workbooks and Ebooks


    Several easy to download and personalise templates, workbooks and strategic references so that you can hit the ground running. We have already done the heavy lifting for you with 80% pre-done and 20% for you to add your unique brand and style.

  • Free Email Marketing Training

    "Nail It When You Email It" Free Training"


    Email Marketing is the # 1 way to onboard new clients and to keep subscribers engaged. This free 7 day training will teach you how to decrease unsubscriptions and keep your loyal fans consistently supporting your business. You will also have access to numerous free downloadable templates.

  • Loyal Support

    Dynamic Community of High Achievers


    Join our exciting Private Facebook Community: Coaches and Entrepreneurs who Impact Globally and excel everyday through intellectually stimulating interaction with fellow enthusiasts! We will keep you engaged and accountable to stay on track and accomplish your goals. Private community to keep you accountable and supported. You don't have to feel overwhelmed or "figure it out all on your own"

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