This Phenomenal Package is the combination of the Life & Health Success Coach Training and Certification Course plus the VIP Edition Membership Experience. For members who truly want to experience transformation in their personal life and finances on a budget, this premier package is ideal for you. Start 2021 the Champion that you truly are! Come prepared to be revitalised every month with the winning strategies and way of life to help you be successful every day in your life and business.

The VIP Edition Membership Experience
Monthly “Hour of Power” - 70mins High Impact Group Coaching Experience (12months)
Intimate High Level Private Group Call (Different Theme Each Month)
Detox Experience
Eagle Mind Set Mode Activation
Prizes and Surprises (Monthly Give-Aways)
1 Day VIP Intensive Retreat*
Cost $90Usd/monthly $1,100USD (one time Annual fee)
Get Ready for the Phenomenal VIP Edition Membership Experience
Get ready to Elevate Your Mindset, Elevate Your Positive Vibration and Elevate Your Income -- Like an Eagle, You Will Soar!
2. Create
3. Experience
4. Elevate
5. Empower
6. Enable
7. Vision
8. Inspire
9. Impact
10. Phenomenal Results
11. Phenomenal You
12. 1 Day Surprise VIP Retreat (All Inclusive)**
** 7 Lucky Members will win free entry, all other members will receive 50% discount for venue entry and all inclusive day pass